Friday, August 26, 2011

New template!! SaKuRa PinK Tartan~~ template for my BLOG...\(^_^)/


The background and the header is made by my self..hehe
i make it last night, its need 2 hour...>.<
It's just simple design..very very easy to do..hahaha
But yah..bcoz its made by's look special..~~ cling2***

I love everything purple en pink...
Very hard for me to choose pink or purple for the dominant color..
And i choose pink..!! *but..still not sure*
i wanna it's purpleee nooow..T__T

there is my first design...hehe

but!! i dont know hooow to make like that!

so i change the design to be this..
('s what u can see in my blog now..hahaha)

this is the header:
i change the maybe the first one is more cute???
i dont use first one coz the file is bigger than the new one...
i worried my blog will so heavy to open...

 the is the background..
what i can call this?
sakura pink tartan?

what do you think?
have another idea?
please tell me..^^