About Me

Hai Hai Hai ~~ \(^_^)/
Welcome to my blog~~
i'm SEVERUSLOVE, a blogger who life in Indonesia... you can call me : severus
English is not my language, so many post is use my local language: Bahasa Indonesia
I'm a college student, my major is Graphic Design... (hope i can finish it next year~)

I started blogging since April '11 but didn't write much..hehe (I'm too lazy~)
I hope in the future, i can make more posting and frequently..:)

My blog is about my beauty experience,
but i love to share about cute things, movie review, art, and a lot of random post..hahaha
My favorite is share about make up things and skincare
Most of them is review of product i like, comparison, diy and tips.
I wanna tell u about GOOD stuff~

I interested everything about Woman Beauty.
I love to do make over, photography, casual fashion, drawing..etc
I wanna make magic like in the movie...make thing to be beautiful with my hand..hihihi
I'm obsessed with GIRL and ART..:p
(Yes, i'm normal~ *i have boyfriend*)

I love make a friend. So, be "welcome" to talk and sharing with me.
Correct me if i'm wrong. Support me if you love my blog. ^^

If u want more to share with me, u can be my friend
in Facebook : Merry Ong 
---> please sent me message first : "i know u from severuslove.blogspot.com"
coz i don't approve every friend request..:)

U can contact me for sponsorship, invitation or whatever (but don't spam please)
there is my private email : severuslovez@gmail.com

Information about me :

  • Skin type : normal, sometimes dry
  • Skin tone : yellow
  • Skin color : medium 
  • Job : still student (hehe)
  • Major : Graphic Design
  • Status : in Relationship
  • Interest : all about Woman stuff and ART
  • Pet : Cat! but a dog-lover too~
  • Color : Purple, pink, turquise
  • Flower : Aster and CherryBlossom
  • My sweet dream : to have a Studio photo, Fashion brand, Interior design and a mini cafe :p

Thanks if u reading this page..^^
Love me? wanna make a friends?
Hate me? want to kick me?
WELL, Everything is "WELCOME"~