Wednesday, August 3, 2011


hehehe....wanna writing about my blog-award...
i get it from Chaoi...thanks dear....^^
i have two award from her....waaah...she is so kind~~

there is my first award:

The Rules :
1) Make a post contain with:

* Say thank you to someone who give you this award
* Write about someone who give you this award
* Write about yourself
* There's a banner award and code
* Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends (blogends)
* Don't forget to leave a messages in their chatbox

2) Use this banner award on your blog sidebar, without change banner's code

Thanks alot to Chaoi who give me this award..^^
She is a preety and cutee girl as i know..
and kind too!
check her blog here

about me..
yaaa i'm coz a lazy girl who always thinking
"How to make everything MORE simple"
i think thats why many people said that i'm so "creative"?
and i always get julukan "anak tengil"
every time..everywheree...

and there is my second award:

The Rules:
Worship at the feet (or makeup vanity) 
of the person who nominated you and link back to her (or his) blog in your post. 

Share 7 facts about yourself.

Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.

Contact your nominees and let them know you've tagged them.

 Facts About Me :

I always eat eat and eat,,,hehehe
I always forgot to use handbody cream en "use HandBody cream" is writted in my schedule board (FAIL)
I like short man more than tall man, i think its looks more cute..haha
I'm a lazy person..i love to "not doing anything"..~__~
i love chinese food (LOL)...>:D
I really really forgetful en sometimes being stupid..>.<
i love pretty girl n i adore Queenie...(FAIL)..:p

I give these award to
Chino2, Vicky, Stephanie, Dea, Nacchu, Ayny Sidharta,
Nohaa, Kintalicious, Fivyola, Sheila, Monic, Redzone

just 11 person..
SORRY, a little BREAK THE RULES...hehehehe

sorry again
coz i make it in one posting....>.<
i wanna use them in my sidebar aaah...fufufufu
gaya dikit kan ada award2 nya..