Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Still Alive...hehehe

halooooooooooo....i'm still aliveeeee!!
just wanna update..wohooo~~~

kinda busy for 3 month...:(
doing KKN-PPL for my lecture
wake up in 5 am..go to work in 6 am en finished  in 6 pm-8pm..
even in home, i must do my homework..huff..
after all work, i feel sooooo sleepy en  ready to rest..
what a boring life..huaaah....:((
I haven't time to update my blog..very saaaaadd...

well...that will be end 2 month later....
i'll be FREE in mid of september..
it's make me happy to thinking about it!
septembeerrr..pliz coming fast~~~~

there is many holiday for this month..^^v
So, in libur PUASA dan libur LEBARAN, i can update my blog...

do you miss me??